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Mark Brownstein, Director of Medicare at Emerald Medicare and Certified Senior Adviser would welcome the opportunity to help you help your retirement-age clients make the right health plan choices.

With options and requirements constantly changing, we can provide the expertise to guide your senior clients to a Medicare plan that works specifically for them — now and for years to come. Making the right Medicare decisions can help protect their financial assets.

Mark is licensed in NY, NJ and CT and can arrange a free, no-obligation meeting with you and your client in your office, via a Zoom call or by phone at (845) 358-1220. Or simply fill out the form below and we will get back to you.

Mark Brownstein, Director of Medicare at Emerald Medicare and Certified Senior Adviser can help take the mystery out of Medicare for you and your clients.

1. Proven Expertise

While choosing the right Medicare plan is integral to managing wealth, navigating ever-changing options can be daunting. Over the past 10 years, my team and I have helped thousands of clients make educated choices in selecting a customized plan that fits their financial needs.

2. Proven Track Record

Emerald Medicare is completely independent, objective and unbiased. Our goal is to suggest to clients what is in their best interests 100% of the time. We are fully accredited and represent the top carriers in the Northeast and those in many other states across the country.

3. Top Review from Clients

My team and I consistently get the highest ratings from people we’ve helped guide and support through the Medicare maze. Check out our positive reviews on the reverse and on Google.reviews.

4. No-Cost, No-Obligation Advice

Whether we work with you, your clients directly, or with you and your client in your office, we are committed to providing knowledge and support through the entire Medicare process. We’re here for you and your clients all year long, all at no cost or obligation to anyone.

5. Added Value to your firm

When Financial Planners refer clients to us, we know it’s because of the trust placed in our ability to help find the best Medicare solutions. Financial Planners see the services we provide as a value add to their trusted relationship with clients.


As a Financial Professional or Advisor, you create sound wealth plans for your clients. But what about those who are heading into retirement? Are you ready to help them navigate the ever-changing complexities of Medicare so they can continue to make the most of their finances?

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